DDG's Competition team is a human-sized firm with recognised expertise in competition law (anti-competitive practices and merger control), particularly in the media and Internet sectors, the food industry, mass retailing, luxury goods and healthcare.

The team's expertise is based on two pillars: a practical approach to competition law and a thorough knowledge of the sectors of activity of the firm's clients.

This know-how is appreciated by our clients who come to us for advice tailored to their markets and innovative solutions, as well as for a dynamic and effective defence of their interests in litigation before competition authorities and courts.

Our Services
We secure our clients' practices and defend their interests in proceedings before the competition authorities (notifications of grievances and negotiated procedures).
We work with economists to identify the damage suffered by our clients who have been victims of anti-competitive practices, to develop the most optimal compensation strategy and to conduct the legal proceedings and/or settlement negotiations.
We assist our clients who are parties to merger operations or interested third parties throughout the procedure (negotiation of agreements, preparation of the notification file, making commitments, etc.).
The lawyers
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