A complete service dedicated to the management and protection of your intellectual property rights (trademarks, designs, domain names).

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Since its creation in 1987, DDG has been committed to providing its clients with a comprehensive industrial property service.

In this context, DDG has developed a specialised service in trademark and design law, which closely combines the protection of distinctive signs and creations with their defence, worldwide. This service takes the form of a platform bringing together the skills of specialists in industrial property and other areas, particularly in the fields of new technologies, distribution, competition, luxury goods, communication and product regulation (cosmetics, foodstuffs, medicines).

HubMarques thus establishes a close link between the protection of industrial property rights and their exploitation.

HubMarques has also developed an international network of correspondents present throughout the world with a stronger involvement in certain countries such as the United States, India and China. Our clients can thus have access to the best local specialists in industrial property, selected by us.

HubMarques ensures the protection of your trademarks, designs and models as well as the exploitation and defence of your rights:

How do we protect your brands? By carrying out the following actions:

- Legal analysis of the sign: distinctiveness, validity, scope.
- Prior art searches: availability check

  • Identical search within 24-48 hours: rapid detection of troublesome precedents
  • Similarity search (similar brands, databases, Internet, slogans) :
  • Analyses accompanied by recommendations and proposals likely to help pursue the projects (release strategy, buyout, use survey, coexistence agreement, forfeiture action, etc.).

- Trademark registration: national, community, international.

  • The wording of the products and services optimised for the intended operation.
  • Deposit within 24 to 48 hours.

- Brand monitoring :

  • Alert following official publications of identical or similar trade mark registrations for identical or similar goods, with a view to opposition, claim or settlement;
  • monitoring by country, by geographical area, worldwide, by applicant (competitive intelligence).

How do we protect your designs? By carrying out the following steps:

- Legal analysis of the design: protectability and novelty
- Prior art searches: availability check

  • Determination of search classes and subclasses
  • Search among models over a 10, 15, 25 or 50 year period

- Registration of the design: national, community, international.

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