Vincent Fauchoux

Vincent Fauchoux


Vincent Fauchoux


Vincent Fauchoux, admitted to the Paris Bar in 1991, has been a partner at Cabinet DDG since 1999, and co-Managing Partner from 2012 to 2023. For over 20 years, he has been advising, negotiating and litigating with French and foreign groups, mainly in the digital (particularly AI), luxury and fashion, media and industrial sectors.

He is involved in complex projects and disputes involving intellectual property, advanced technologies and general business law.

Vincent Fauchoux is a regular speaker on legal issues relating to artificial intelligence. 

Vincent Fauchoux is also co-founder of legaltech BlockchainyourIP dedicated to protecting creations and innovations through Blockchain technology, and is an involved player in the French legaltech movement.


IP-IT / Media, HubMarques


Intellectual Property, Business Litigation, Commercial Law, Media & Advertising, Tech


Design, Retail, Entertainment, Publishing, Luxury & Fashion, Media, Advertising, Tech (especially AI) / E-commerce / Internet


French, English

Training :

- Member of the Paris Bar (1992), specialist in Intellectual Property, specialist in New Information and Communication Technologies Law
- DEA in International Law


– Le Parasitisme Économique, 2023, Vincent Fauchoux, Pierre Deprez, Frédéric Dumont & Jean-Michel Bruguière, LexisNexis
Droit de l’Internet, 2017, Vincent Fauchoux, Pierre Deprez & Frédéric Dumont, LexisNexis
Le Droit de l’Internet, lois, contrats et usages, 2014, Vincent Fauchoux, Pierre Deprez & Jean-Michel Bruguière, LexisNexis

Distinction(s) :
Association(s) :

– Adhérent SACD
– Membre APM (Association Progrès du Management)

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