DDG 2022 Activity Report

DDG 2022 Activity Report

We are pleased to launch the first annual report of our firm since it was founded by Pierre Deprez and Michel Guignot in 1987.

This exercise may seem counter-intuitive for lawyers, who are by nature bound by rules of professional secrecy that are hardly compatible with today's cult of absolute transparency. This is why most of the cases mentioned in this 2022 annual report are dealt with in such a way as to preserve our professional secrecy, unless our clients specifically agree to a particular emblematic case.

Nevertheless, we believe that this annual review is essential for our customers, who may be interested in getting to know us better, beyond the usual spheres of expertise in which we support them.

Whether you're a current or future customer of our firm, or a member of our workforce in any other capacity, we simply hope that this annual report will enable you to get to know us better.

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Find the firm's activity report in French and English.
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