Business Litigation

For the past 35 years, DDG's lawyers have been defending and representing their clients in their contractual and commercial, economic and corporate disputes.

DDG intervenes before all judicial authorities in the event of national or Community litigation, including before the criminal courts in the event of non-compliance with the regulations specific to our clients' activities.

In particular, we assist specialised companies before all administrative authorities (DGCCRF, Customs, Competition Authority) when their activities are challenged on regulatory or competition issues (abuse of dominant position, restrictive competition agreements).

We always give priority to alternative dispute resolution methods (prior conciliation, negotiation, mediation) in order to achieve a rapid and effective settlement.

Our Services
- Contractual liability
- Qualification or breach of contract of commercial agents
- Litigation concerning the transfer of business
- Collective proceedings
- Breach of commercial relations, unfair and anti-competitive behaviour, parasitic competition
- Consumer litigation, misleading and unfair commercial practices
- DGCCRF control procedures (controls, investigations, criminal litigation)
- Specialised litigation (alcohol-smoking, EVIN Act, LANG Act, travel agents, nutritional and health claims, food supplements, etc.)
- Acquisition/M&A litigation
- Directors' liability
- Shareholder disputes
- Common business law offences (breach of trust, fraud, fraudulent organisation of insolvency)
- Unfair commercial practices
- Criminal liability of company officers
- Criminal liability of employers
- Management of criminal risk and establishment of delegations of powers, etc.
In order to ensure the effectiveness of court decisions, we have developed a particular expertise in the field of "Enforcement/Asset Tracking" by offering our clients the entire arsenal of enforcement measures available, not only to secure our clients' assets before any legal proceedings are initiated, but also to facilitate the recovery of legal sentences.
Our actions in this regard are driven by a genuine results-oriented culture.

This includes in particular:
- Preliminary protective measures,
- Enforcement, seizures,
- Actions to suspend provisional enforcement
- Actions to challenge the organisation of insolvency, deficiency of assets,
- Protection of know-how, assets and business secrets
The lawyers
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