Labour Law

Our team of lawyers specializing in employment law assists companies in labor law and social security law.

In addition to the Labour Law and compliance issues that HR managers face on a daily basis, we have a significant practice in employment law advice to :

  • Sectors Media, entertainment, TV, audiovisual production, live performance, luxury industry
  • Atypical forms of work: wage portage, digital platforms, self-employment, ETT
  • Special status: influencers, artists, muses, journalists, entertainment workers
  • HR and Digital Data: HR data processing, IT charters, social networks,

Finally, we have significant activity in individual and group litigation.

Our Services
Sensitive contract clauses (CNC, IP rights, non-solicitation, confidentiality/business secret), secondment U
Models, muses, influencers, entertainers, performers, journalists, entertainers, authors, software developers.
PAP negotiations, monitoring, setting up and renewal of IRPs, negotiation of company agreements, charters (teleworking, ICT, HR data management).
Assistance during the control, answers to observations, referral to CRA, referral to TGI
Transfer of IRP, questioning of collective agreements, acquisition, sale and closure of subsidiaries, reorganisation, collective redundancies with or without PSE.
Organisation of working time, overtime, Sunday work, implementation of fixed-term contracts.
HR processing compliance, employee security breach management, business alert systems.
Combination of employment contract and corporate mandate, management package (remuneration, shares, CNC, private unemployment insurance, directors' liability insurance etc.)
Unfair competition from former employees, harassment, discrimination, equality.
Dismissal, overtime, reclassification, post-SEPP litigation.
RPS, prise d'acte, judicial termination, redundancy at risk, contractual termination
Negotiation, social and fiscal aspects of termination payments, judicial mediation.
Compliance of service providers, management of requalification risks, fixed-term contracts, temporary contracts, wage portage
DIRECCTE, labour inspectorate, prefectural authority, public prosecutor.
The lawyers
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