"Men build walls and not enough bridges".

Isaac Newton
Since its creation in 1987, DDG has been supporting its clients' development in France and throughout the world by seeking, with pragmatism, creativity and agility, the best legal solution to their business challenges.
Ourfounding principle
is to provide our clients with the expertise, imagination and legal security necessary for the success of their businesses and the protection of their interests, both in France and abroad.
37 years
of expertise alongside our clients
More than
active customers
Arecognized expertise
Our firm is exclusively active in business and corporate law, both as counsel and in litigation. We assist our clients in France and in all countries of the world, relying on a network of high quality foreign correspondents.
Five clusters, HubMarques and AD21
Our main areas of expertise are structured in five departments, a HubMarques service platform, dedicated to the management and protection of your industrial property rights worldwide, and AD TWENTY ONE, the outsourced legal department by DDG.
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DDG International
The firm supports the development of its clients worldwide through a network of foreign correspondents selected for their excellence.
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DDG's commitments
Our Commitments
DDG is committed to the environment, autism, diversity and inclusion.
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Partnerships and Patronage
DDG supports innovative and inclusive projects.
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DDG's commitments
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