International business represents a substantial part of DDG's activity and is growing year by year. The firm assists French and foreign companies with their local and international legal needs

Our international activities

Accompanying foreign companies on French territory

First of all, we assist foreign companies with their activities in France, whether it be investments or simple contractual relations with local partners

Assistance to French companies in conquering foreign markets

We assist companies established in France in the design and implementation of their strategy to conquer foreign markets, including the negotiation of their international agreements or the monitoring of their litigation abroad in conjunction with our local partners.

Management of international legal projects

DDG regularly manages international legal projects requiring the coordination of the work of foreign colleagues operating simultaneously in several territories (validation of a European advertising campaign, coordination of the acquisition of companies established in several countries, etc.)

The HubMarques service and its global network

Our HubMarques service runs a global network of correspondents dedicated to the protection of our clients' brands on a daily basis, as described below.
international awards

Our partners in many countries around the world

"We carefully select the most advanced correspondents, country by country, according to the specificity of each issue. "

Our international network of Hubmarques service partners.

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